Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are inherently flawed.  We start each New Year with high expectations of all the things we hope to tackle, overcome, fix, or solve and yet two months into them often give up because it is too hard to stay with it.  According to  report on Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions, only 40-50% of people make them but of those that do only 15% actually stick with them.  Are you part of the 15% who keep them or the 85% who break them?  This year I vowed to be part of the 15%.  To help me with this goal, I broke them into smaller bite sized pieces and set a goal or goals for each month. For other great tips on how to stick with your resolutions check out these suggestions from Lifehack.

January: Goal  #1: Welcome a new puppy into our home

The kids have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember (insert eight long years)!  So this year we bit the bullet and researched breeds before selecting a Labrador Retreiver breeder.  The puppy was to be born in October and ready to come home at Christmas.  Thanksgiving came around and when we called to check in on the new puppy we learned that she hadn’t been born yet.  As fate would have it, a labrador wasn’t in our cards. 

A month later my husband mentioned in passing his friend was breeding German Shephards.  I was 100% against it until I met Lucy.  Deposit down on another dog and here we were driving to meet this new puppy.  Well, the rest is history!  Who could resist this big fluff ball.  Not I!  One month later we picked her up and introduced her to the whole family. 

Lucy was bred and raised at the Canine College in Holbrook, MA by owner and operator Bruce Billings.  She was well socialized and had already learned many of the basic commands thanks to Bruce’s training program. 

After one week my son claimed his life was now “complete.”  He refers to her as “boy’s best friend” and he has a special game that only they play.  My husband said she has added something to our family that we didn’t even know was missing.  And my daughter has already become so attached that she had tears in her eyes at the thought of her having to leave her behind last weekend.  We have all fallen in awe and love with Lucy.  Despite the many accidents, the chewing and wild moments, she has become family.  I look forward to chronicaling some of Lucy’s life lessons here so stay tuned.

January Goal #2: Complete Social Networking Coaching Club (to be continued…….)



About samanthajanney

My name is Sam and I am a working mom who lives life on the run. Whether it is work related (I travel for business a lot), child related (two active school aged children with plenty of after school interests), au pair related (host mom to our 11th au pair), husband related (married for 11 years), sister, friend etc, there isn’t a moment that I don’t find myself running around trying to do it all. Some weeks are more successful than others (sorry friends and family if you have been on the receiving end of a bad week) but I believe in the 80%-20% rule! 80% of our lives are full of the good stuff, but it's the 20% of life's challenges that make me interesting because I'm the conflict resolution artist. Join me on the journey of self discovery, problem solving and attempts to get it right more often than not!
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2 Responses to Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolution?

  1. Sue says:

    Glad someone I know kept a resolution. Lucy is adorable! Enjoy her.

  2. Thanks Sue. I’ll keep you posted on how the rest of the year goes. It’s only been a month but breaking up the bigger goal into smaller ones makes it seem much more manageable. Do you do the resolution thing?

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