Safety First!

Enjoying Pico Mountain

I am a girl for head wear.  I know it’s not always cool looking to be the kid out there wearing a helmet but it’s something I’ve drilled into my kids head since they were toddlers. 

Safety first!  Does everyone have their seat belt on?  The car doesn’t leave until we’re all safe and secure.  Safety first!  Do you have your bike helmet before skate boarding or riding your bike?  Safety first!  Have you put on your ski helmet to sled or ski?  Safety first!

It’s gotten a lot easier to get the kids to wear their ski helmets each winter now that everyone is doing it.  But I find myself wondering why everyone doesn’t.  I bought my au pair a snowboard helmet as a Christmas gift this year.  Safety first! 

Recently the whole family enjoyed some time skiing in Vermont at Pico Mountain.  After three great days we got a first hand glimpse why wearing a ski helmet is so important.  My daughter’s first trip up to the summit of the mountain and three quarters of the way down the mountain she caught an edge on the ice and went flying.  She couldn’t stop herself and it was one of those heart stopping moments where you realize how quickly an accident can occur and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  She flew through the air out of control with us racing after her screaming snow plow and her screaming I can’t stop.  We were fortunate – she only crashed hard on the mountain and not into a tree.  Her skis went flying, and she did a dramatic flip that landed her hitting her back and head on the ice. It was awful for everyone!

Safety first!  We checked her for any visible injuries to her body or head and outside of some tears and a some sore muscles she was able to get up and walk away from the horrible crash scared to death but alive.  She was wearing a ski helmet.  I have no doubt that if she hadn’t been wearing a protective helmet we would have been in the hospital worrying about a concussions and potential internal injuries.

Safety first!  Just after getting back, I received a call about an au pair program participant hitting a tree while skiing out west over the holidays with some friends.  He wasn’t wearing a ski helmet.  The initial prognosis was not good and the hospital recommended we notify next of kin in the home country of the accident.  Fortunately, overnight he took a turn for the better and will likely recover but his ICU experience will have long lasting impact on him.  I imagine he will never ski again without a helmet but you never know. 

If you know a child who loves to sled, ski or snow board mandate that they wear a ski helmet.  It could save their life!  Safety First!

For more information on how to best fit a helmet to ensure maximum protection I recommend using this site: We are big fans of Giro helmets but for a complete selection of options here’s a great site to reference:  Some of the top recognized brands are Giro, Smith, Boeri, Bern, K2, Pro-Tec, and Red.

How do you promote safety first?



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