Christmas is coming….Christmas is coming….Santa get your sleigh!

The big day is only two days away. There are signs all around me – excited children, jam packed malls, christmas caroling, and delightful smelling foods. Lucky, our elf of Elf on the Shelf fame has been working overtime keeping an eye on all of us this month. Somehow, he took over the responsibility of relaying christmas wishes to Santa when the kids decided they weren’t going to write a letter this year. We’re just hoping Lucky has a good memory! : )

Every year I am amazed how quickly December flies by. There’s still wrapping to be done, school events to attend, packing of luggage, cookies to bake, as well as traveling to said destination. But despite all that looms ahead, I can’t help taking a moment to appreciate a moment of peace and quiet. Sitting in my kitchen listening to beautiful holiday music, a crackling fire in the background and my entire house asleep, I can appreciate all that the holidays represent. Time with loved ones. Peace. Joy.

So from my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you find a little peace this holiday season.


About samanthajanney

My name is Sam and I am a working mom who lives life on the run. Whether it is work related (I travel for business a lot), child related (two active school aged children with plenty of after school interests), au pair related (host mom to our 11th au pair), husband related (married for 11 years), sister, friend etc, there isn’t a moment that I don’t find myself running around trying to do it all. Some weeks are more successful than others (sorry friends and family if you have been on the receiving end of a bad week) but I believe in the 80%-20% rule! 80% of our lives are full of the good stuff, but it's the 20% of life's challenges that make me interesting because I'm the conflict resolution artist. Join me on the journey of self discovery, problem solving and attempts to get it right more often than not!
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