Summer on the Water: A Cultural Experience!

Sailing is one of my great distractions passions in the summertime.  As a child I was lucky enough to spend my summer vacations on a little island called Fisher’s Island, an idyllic island off the coast of Connecticut.  It was where I first learned to sail a Sunfish Laser sailboat and caught the sailing bug.

I consider myself blessed to have married a man who loves being on the ocean and sailing even more than I do.  So summers for us consists of spending as much time on the water as possible.  It was inevitable that our children would become sailors too.  They have been joining us on sails since they were 6-months old.  

When we began hosting au pairs nine years ago we began introducing them to the sport.  Because of our au pairs, Ty and I have been able to race in the some amazing weekend regattas knowing that the kids are in good hands.  And they have come and cheered us on and celebrated our finishes at the races alongside the kids.  We consider all of them a big part of our crew.

Our au pairs have been able to see a part of Massachusetts that others do not – the beautiful coastline.  And they too have become intrigued by it.  Dare I say love it too?  There is no better way to pass a warm summer day than aboard a sail boat, picnic packed, cool drinks on board, and the wind at our backs.

So this is one of the ways we love to embrace cultural exchange in New England – on the water with no distractions other than the occasional book, bird on the horizon and fish in the sea where we can share adventurous stories about sailing the waters of Massachusetts and beyond.

This past weekend Romina met Die Fledermaus, our J35 sail boat.  She was a bit nervous about getting sea sick too but she had nothing to fear.  We took a lovely tour of Marblehead harbor and Children’s Island and were able to appreciate this beautiful seaside town.

Approaching Die Fledermaus

The kids enjoyed time exploring the boat – being on look out and testing out the mast for sturdiness.  Check, check, and check!  

We spotted a seal bobbing its head up and down in the water by the shore of Chandler Hovey Park.  We even came across some beautiful little coves and stopped into Marblehead Lobster Company for some fresh swordfish for our dinner that evening.  While waiting for the fresh fish to be cut up, my son found a rock and enjoyed a few peaceful minutes of skipping rocks.  Sister, not included!

This area holds lots of family memories for us.  My husband was born here, his grandparents lived here, and this is where he proposed to me twelve years ago – right at the lighthouse.  So, while we share much about the ocean, sailing and local history, the sailing experiences become a part of our au pair’s year and memories too.

First outing on Die Fledermaus was a big success.  Evidence below!

Romina's first visit to Die Fledermaus

I think I'm enjoying Die Fledermaus?



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My name is Sam and I am a working mom who lives life on the run. Whether it is work related (I travel for business a lot), child related (two active school aged children with plenty of after school interests), au pair related (host mom to our 11th au pair), husband related (married for 11 years), sister, friend etc, there isn’t a moment that I don’t find myself running around trying to do it all. Some weeks are more successful than others (sorry friends and family if you have been on the receiving end of a bad week) but I believe in the 80%-20% rule! 80% of our lives are full of the good stuff, but it's the 20% of life's challenges that make me interesting because I'm the conflict resolution artist. Join me on the journey of self discovery, problem solving and attempts to get it right more often than not!
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2 Responses to Summer on the Water: A Cultural Experience!

  1. FrenchNad says:

    Sailing looks like a fantastic family activity! Your au pair is lucky to have such a fun host family! The only sailing I have ever done was learning to sail a “420” (4m20) at a summer camp as a teen near Bordeaux (Hourtin), France… loved it! We just didn’t have the opportunity to continue this fun hobby in Alsace.

    • We feel lucky to have such wonderful au pairs and to be able to share with them our passion for sailing. New England is a beautiful spot – even more so from the ocean. Thank you for reading my blog!

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