“Super Mom” I am not


For three days, I can do anything really, really well. Read: can be polite and on best behavior. After that, things get real!

I realized this when orienting my new au pair, Romina, to our home and family. I labeled myself a “super mom” (reality check: for three days) but it probably should have been the “ridiculous mom”.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it – we played every game under the sun with my dear children including all of the game night favorites (in an attempt to avoid them watching tv or spending too much time on the computer). We read to them and had them read their own books for 1/2 hour each day. We baked cookies, colored pictures, played basketball and baseball in the yard. We went swimming and bike riding. I set up play dates for the days ahead and planned picnics for the pool. I cooked gourmet meals and cleaned my house with a vengeance (even put clean laundry back into drawers the same day they were washed).

I went back to work today exhausted and grateful for my au pair to take over.  Because being a good role model is not easy and this was not my reality.   My reality is a little less perfect and quite frankly domestic. My kids loved it but they too were kind of ready for mom to go back to work and asked when Franzi (our old au pair) would come home from vacation. Call it age, call it being out of practice as a working mom and having had the help of a great au pair to do all of these things but trying to do them all in three days caused sheer exhaustion in all of us!

My friends and I had a good laugh over this experience. Because reality is that I am a no “super mom” but rather a better mom because I have an au pair who helps me to be these things in my kids eyes. Because even if the house is a little messy and we only have a gourmet home cooked meal or dessert made occasionally by mom, I can give them the love and attention they deserve and need because my au pair is an extra set of hands who helps to make it all possible (even the tidy house and occasional home cooked German meal).

Welcome Romina and thanks for all of your help and patience with your occasionally ridiculous “host mom”! I look forward to the year ahead.



About samanthajanney

My name is Sam and I am a working mom who lives life on the run. Whether it is work related (I travel for business a lot), child related (two active school aged children with plenty of after school interests), au pair related (host mom to our 11th au pair), husband related (married for 11 years), sister, friend etc, there isn’t a moment that I don’t find myself running around trying to do it all. Some weeks are more successful than others (sorry friends and family if you have been on the receiving end of a bad week) but I believe in the 80%-20% rule! 80% of our lives are full of the good stuff, but it's the 20% of life's challenges that make me interesting because I'm the conflict resolution artist. Join me on the journey of self discovery, problem solving and attempts to get it right more often than not!
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4 Responses to “Super Mom” I am not

  1. Nicole Grazado says:

    so true Sam…super moms we are not, but we are fabulous moms. Teaching our children that life is about balance and recognition of all those around us who help us be the best we can be.

    I started out last week so excited for time on the beach…after 10 consecutive days of sun and heat, I started praying for rain. If I had to pack and unpack the beach bag one more time I think I was going to scream. Not to mention my kitchen floor has about a pound of sand on it. My kids were begging for a rest day.

    This morning, a nice relaxing light rain. Time for us all to take a breath.

  2. Nat says:

    Little do you know you ARE a super mom, wife, colleague, and friend!!! You may not think you can do it all but it turns out, you kind of can. Now, if only I could convince you to wear a cape to the office…

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